Smart Contract migration.

Dear Community,

Due to an internal programming error within the smart contract we have decided to migrate to another smart contract. Please accept our apology on behalf of our project. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

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Keepr3v1 Smart Contract Migration

Keepr3V1 old smart contract:

Keepr3v1 new smart contract:

This process will take a short time. Once the process has been completed, we will announce you as soon as possible.

We will try our best to resolve this issue. All user properties will be 100% guaranteed. We will take full responsibility for this matter. In the near future, we will perfect to give you the best experience at .

We look forward to your forgiveness and understanding.

Currently, the Pre-sale Keepr3v1 will be delayed for a short time to fix all the problem. Beside, “Airdrop is now on” is still lived. Your token will be distributed after pre-sale. The ‘Smart Holder” will be deployed as plan. continue to follow the roadmap correctly.

Please stay turned with us to get more information.

Once again, We apologize for the confusion and give a big thanks for your understanding about our problem.,


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