-A new complete Decentralized Ecosystem

The DeFi sector is filled with malicious actors and ineffective protocols that lack highly rewarding and legitimate systems. Although decentralized finance has brought many functionalities and novelties within the blockchain industry, there still persists the issue of developers who create uninspiring protocols that serve little to no purpose in today’s age.

Keepr3V1 is a tool that connects all the relevant financial instruments in one platform. Fully decentralized, the project provides you with the necessary toolset to improve your crypto experience with a variety of features, some of which will be showcased in the article below.

What is Keepr3V1 and how does it work?

Keepr3V1 represents a brilliant decentralized ecosystem that is the future of decentralized finance. The platform offers a variety of functions, including decentralized jobs (Keeper), staking, lending, borrowing, and NFTs. Keepr3V1 is interoperable as well, meaning that it supports reliable tamper-proof transactions for all smart contracts on any blockchain network.

The project provides users with several financial incentives that seek to foster a decentralized and symbiotic community. Such a system begins with the first and most important feature, keepers.


Keeper is a part of the platform where developers can create and apply for tasks or jobs. The Kepr3V1 network itself does not manage the jobs, it merely provides a platform where users can create a contract and sign up for it. However, do note that the smart contracts monitor the performance of keepers within this ecosystem.

Employers can find and hire users easily. Likewise, users can also find a job in only a few minutes. The contract established by the two parties is managed by a decentralized smart contract that acts as an intermediary. All funds are paid out via the Keepr3V1 token.


Staking enables market participants to profit by collateralizing their assets and providing network resources. This not only stabilizes the protocol but adds liquidity to it as well. Users can earn some of the highest yield rates in DeFi by staking the Keepr3V1 token, with guaranteed APR rates up to 300%.

Lending & Borrowing

Our unique lending & borrowing platform enables the community to manage credit-based financial instruments across multiple blockchain networks. These asset loans can be created to facilitate transactions on other platforms or to earn interest rates from providing collateral.

You can withdraw the collateralized assets at any moment since there are no fixed terms and requirements. Moreover, you can provide insurance on the collateral with the help of Nexus Mutual. As for borrowing, Keepr3V1 provides access to instant low-interest stablecoin loans. Users will suffer no fees when creating a loan or when borrowing funds.

Non Fungible Tokens

Non Fungible tokens

The team is actively working on delivering a unique gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain with the help of Keepr3V1. Users have the chance to build, use, and monetize digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be traded on our marketplace.

These NFTs are permanent and are backed by one single license. Moreover, they can be integrated into games via the Game Maker feature.

NFTs represent the next big step in DeFi. To reach widespread blockchain adoption, it is necessary to connect and ‘gamify’ the Ethereum network with digital collectibles. The marketplace at Keepr3V1 offers a decentralized and easy way to trade NFTs with other users. Artists can monetize their creative flow, traders can profit from trading collectibles, and arbitrageurs can make money by frequently regulating prices.