[Airdrop is now on]: Keepr3v1 Successfully Distributed with extra gift

Dear Keepr3v1.network community,

We are happy to announce that Keepr3v1 tokens were successfully distributed on 4th December 2020 to all participants. “Keepr3v1.network: Airdrop is now on” has been succeeded beyond expectations. Through the process of selecting over many steps, we have eliminated most of invalid accounts, there are approximately 400 wallet addresses distributed tokens.

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Keepr3v1 Tokens Distribution

To give a big thanks for Keepr3v1.network community, we had sent you an extra amount of Keepr3v1 token to your own ERC20 wallet address. We have submitted at least 1 Keepr3v1 (worth approximately USD 20) per transaction. transaction. All recipients with a count between 0.5 KPR3 and 0.9 KPR3 are rounded up to 1 KPR3. People with more referal links are still counted as 0.1 Keeprv1 per link.

This is the address where you can track transactions status:



We are solely responsible for the gas fee. Therefore, the people who ask you to give money to receive Keepr3v1 tokens are imposters and scammers.

Due to huge amount of transactions it might take some time for you to receive tokens to your wallet.

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Airdrop is now on: Keepr3v1.network

A final huge thank you to everyone who helped us get the word Keepr3v1.network :The perfect combination of genius decentralized ecosystem. The new revolution of decentralized blockchain technology. The future of decentralized finance network.

However, even the best filtering proccess cannot avoid mistakes. Should you have any questions regarding distribution, please email info.contact@keepr3v1.network or feel free to make a question at https://t.me/Keepr3V1

Thanks again for your support!

“Keepr3v1.network: Airdrop is now on” is coming to an end. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our future bounty campaigns will be publiced soon.



📪 Our social media:

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/keepr3v1networkofficial
Telegram group: https://t.me/Keepr3V1
Website: http://www.keepr3v1.network
Email: info.contact@keepr3v1.network

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